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by integrating lifestyle medicine into existing medical and health professional training.

Faculty like you are looking for:

  • Flexible, ready-made and evidence-based content and programming
  • Ways to equip the next generation of clinicians to fully address chronic disease – healing future patients
  • Coursework that empowers students to be active participants in their learning
  • Higher satisfaction and confidence in preparing students in nutrition and lifestyle related interventions
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Curricula & Resources

Universities fully recognize the power and need to add behavior, nutrition and lifestyle interventions to coursework for future clinicians. This is never more evident than by the number who are currently adapting ACLM resources to their programs.  Faculty are embracing the transformation of medical education, but don’t have the time and resources to develop curricula from scratch. ACLM offers fully packaged, easy-to-implement resources across the entire education continuum for bachelor’s to fellowship programs. Access includes the LM 101 Curriculum, Culinary Medicine, LMEd Curriculum from the University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville, a medical school question bank, and the Lifestyle Medicine Residency Curriculum. As an added bonus the teaching and learning that occurs in each classroom and clinic solves for personal as well as future patient health restoration.


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The Lifestyle Medicine Residency Curriculum (LMRC) is a comprehensive, applicable, and flexible virtual curriculum that prepares residents to become certified lifestyle medicine Diplomates.

The LMRC consists of both educational and practicum components. Its educational component includes 40 hours of interactive virtual didactic material along with 60 hours of application activities designed to be completed over a one- to three-year time period. The practicum component includes 400 lifestyle medicine-related patient encounters, 10 hours of intensive therapeutic lifestyle change (ITLC) program experience and 10 hours of group facilitation experience.

If you are interested in becoming a site for the LMRC for the next academic year, please fill out the Site Interest Form by March 15.

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A full directory of leading academic institutions and programs that acknowledge the critical need for lifestyle medicine is now available. These institutions  actively incorporate lifestyle medicine through various levels of implementation including: requiring lifestyle medicine implementation in the core curriculum, offering elective lifestyle medicine courses, or by creating and implementing student-led Lifestyle Medicine Interest Groups (LMIGs) on campus.


Lifestyle Medicine Interest Groups (LMIGs) are organizations that address the growing need for lifestyle medicine at the academic and health systems level.

LMIG leaders host events informed by evidence-based lifestyle medicine to support healthy habits for trainees, staff, and the local community. With exclusive benefits and support from ACLM, LMIGs have been established across the country and have been instrumental in advocating for curriculum reform within many health professional training programs.

Our members are health professionals who treat, reverse, and prevent chronic disease through lifestyle change.


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Remission of Type 2 Diabetes & Reversal of Insulin Resistance

Worldwide, Diabetes is a Leading Cause of Morbidity and Mortality Yet, there is a safe, powerful and cost effective treatment and it’s time every patient, and clinician knows

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Physician and Health Professional Well-being

This course pairs a unique perspective on personal and organization wellness with a practical approach and useful supporting materials, that can build a well-being mindset and improve work life balance for yourself and others around you.

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ACLM and AJLM are pleased to offer CME/CE and ABLM MOC for one (1) journal article in each of the six (6) bi-monthly AJLM issues. All 6 peer-reviewed articles with quizes are available for free to members and for $40 for non-members.

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