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Webinars schedule for 2023 will include information on board certification, shared medical appointments, innovations at federally qualified health clinics, and Type 2 Diabetes medication deprescribing. Mark your calendars to join us!




Medication Deprescribing and Type 2 Diabetes

June 7  |  1:00 PM ET (10 AM PT)

The American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) just published a qualitative case series research study that provides valuable insights into the protocols that can guide clinical decision-making on medication deprescribing for type 2 diabetes patients. The study, published in Clinical Diabetes, presents the first published examples of protocols that can help clinicians deprescribe medications safely and effectively following successful lifestyle medicine interventions.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify appropriate indications for deprescribing type 2 diabetes medications in a lifestyle medicine context
  2. Discuss possible adverse events that may occur during the process of deprescribing, laboratory monitoring, and target blood glucose levels recommended by interviewed practitioners
  3. Discuss deprescribing prioritization reported by interviewed practitioners, informed by health effects, cost, and patient preferences


Growing Lifestyle Medicine in Primary Care

Presented on May 17, 2023:  For over a decade, Eskenazi Health in Indianapolis, Indiana has built, expanded, and integrated lifestyle medicine programs within a primary care FQHC setting to meet the unique needs of an underserved population. Key elements and practical approaches for successful lifestyle-focused programming from development to sustainability will be highlighted.

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