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Leading the charge in integrating lifestyle medicine and nutrition education into Graduate Medical Education since 2018.

The Lifestyle Medicine Residency Curriculum (LMRC) was initially launched in 2018 to fill the gap in lifestyle medicine and nutrition education in graduate medical education (GME). The LMRC has grown, evolved, and exponentially expanded since its debut. Upon completion of the LMRC, residents qualify to sit for the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine (ABLM) certification exam.

Nutrition, a cornerstone alongside five other pillars of lifestyle medicine, has been proven effective in both treating and preventing lifestyle-related chronic diseases. The LMRC addresses the critical gap in medical education by emphasizing the transformative power of food as medicine. Aligning with the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine competencies, over 25% of the LMRC focuses on nutrition in chronic disease; from prevention to treatment and remission.

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The LMRC consists of both educational and practicum components. Its educational component includes 40 hours of interactive virtual didactic material along with 60 hours of application activities designed to be completed over a one- to three-year time period. The practicum component includes 400 lifestyle medicine-related patient encounters, 10 hours of (Intensive) therapeutic lifestyle change (ITLC or TLC) program experience and 10 hours of group facilitation experience.

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If you are considering implementing the LMRC in the next academic year, we invite you to complete the quick and easy interest form by March 15. Please note that forms submitted after this date may still be considered for LMRC implementation in the next academic year, however, access to resources may be delayed until after July 1.

The American College of Lifestyle Medicine and American Board of Lifestyle Medicine are pleased to offer the Dr. Stephen Turner Residency Director and Faculty Scholarship, a full-ride lifestyle medicine certification scholarship for residency directors, associate directors, and faculty interested in adopting the Lifestyle Medicine Residency Curriculum into their residency program.

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