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Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group

Medical and health professional students have expressed their growing interest in learning about lifestyle medicine concepts during their academic training; however, most institutions lack adequate lifestyle medicine curricula.

To address this gap, ACLM supports the development of Lifestyle Medicine Interest Groups (LMIGs) at academic and health institutions.

LMIGs engage students, residents, and fellows at a critical time during their formal training to learn more about and practice lifestyle medicine. They provide a flexible and no-cost structure for incorporating lifestyle medicine education and activities within a variety of settings and receive exclusive support and resources from ACLM.

Over 165 LMIGs have been established by ACLM nationwide, spanning diverse programs such as medical schools, residencies, and health professional training programs. LMIGs empower students and trainees to advocate for curriculum reform and create a platform for professional networking and growth in the field.

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If you are interested in establishing an LMIG at your institution, follow these four steps:

    1. Access the LMIG Toolkit and review the “How to Start a New LMIG Page”
    2. Identify at least one student/trainee leader and one faculty advisor to serve on LMIG leadership board.
      • Having trouble? Search our membership directory to see affiliated ACLM members at your institution who share your passion for lifestyle medicine!
    3. Apply for one of the ACLM orientation cohorts (July, October, March)

Orientation Details:

Orientations will be held in March, July and October EVERY YEAR. The orientation process will allow regional groups to connect, share ideas, learn about event hosting and leadership best practices. At the end of the orientation, you will be equipped with all the tools and resources you need to maintain a strong Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group at your institution.
Contact lmig@lifestylemedicine.org for questions about forming an LMIG at your institution!

This guide was created to make the process of starting and maintaining a LMIG as easy as possible.

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