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An alliance that champions lifestyle medicine as a catalyst for longevity

The American College of Lifestyle Medicine and Blue Zones® are building healthy communities together.

We come together with a united vision of a nation and world made of healthier, stronger, and more resilient communities. This partnership combines proven, powerful methods inside and outside hospital/clinic walls to ignite transformation of our current broken healthcare system. Our mutual promise is to improve individual and population health, reining in the epidemic of chronic disease and the 90% of all healthcare spending that is tied to the treatment of conditions rooted in unhealthful lifestyle behaviors.

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This is just the beginning…

1. Blue Zones Certified Clinicians

We are establishing a network of Blue Zones Certified Clinicians. The opportunity to earn recognition as a “Blue Zones-Certified Physicians” or “Blue Zones-Certified Healthcare Practitioners” will be unveiled in early 2025. This is available exclusively to clinicians who have already earned  certification in the field of lifestyle medicine by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM), the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine (ABLM), or the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine (IBLM). Learn more about the certification prerequisite to begin your journey toward Blue Zones Certification.

2. The Center for Lifestyle Medicine Innovation

A special project of ACLM, The Center will serve as a hub for research, innovation and thought leadership with Blue Zones recognized as the exclusive founding partner. The Center has emerged out of a convergence of the Blue Zones Institute and ACLM’s current activities in research, practice advancement, and innovation. The Center’s work will advance evidence-based knowledge, quality care delivery, and innovative practice models, propelling the field toward our vision of a world where lifestyle medicine is the foundation of all health and healthcare.

3. Community Impact – Training at FQHCs

A nation and world filled with blue zones hotspots is the vision of this partnership. We are on a mission to create communities that support the adoption of healthy lifestyle behaviors, with ALL physicians and medical professionals trained and equipped to support the eco-system of health. All of this while achieving the quintuple aim and delivering equitable, whole person care. Blue Zones is proud to join as an Impact Partner in support of ACLM’s National Training Initiative. This program is providing training and certification to one primary care provider at each of our nation’s 1,400 federally qualified health centers (FQHC).

Together, Blue Zones and ACLM are leading the charge to revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered and experienced with a shared vision of healthier, stronger, and more resilient communities across the United States and around the world.

Join us as this exciting journey begins.

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