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The American College of Lifestyle Medicine’s commitment to advancing evidence-based health care, professional development, technology integration, quality improvement, transformative partnerships, research and innovation, person-centered, team-based care and advocacy are propelling the field of lifestyle medicine toward our vision of a world wherein lifestyle medicine is the foundation of all health and healthcare.

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Lifestyle Medicine Shared Medical Appointments (LMSMAs) are a model of health care delivery that can address the challenges posed by chronic disease by improving access to care, reducing cost to patients and hospitals, reducing provider burnout and improving clinical outcomes. This approach is also amenable to being delivered via telehealth, offering safe, affordable, and convenient access to patients everywhere. When conducted efficiently and with proper group size, LMSMAs have the potential to become a revenue-generating way of addressing chronic conditions.


The 2023 Lifestyle Medicine Reimbursement Summit is a series of presentations that showcase how ACLM physicians and advanced practice providers are getting paid to deliver lifestyle medicine in both fee-for-service and value-based care settings. It also showcases the roles of other billable and non-billable members of the interdisciplinary care team in the delivery of care. The Summit consists of 14 presentations and a total of about 3.5 hours.

Board Certification in Lifestyle Medicine


“My training and board certification in lifestyle medicine changed my life and practice, personally and professionally. Whole food plant centered eating, culinary medicine cooking classes and long-term coaching support are the key for patients to achieve success with sustained weight loss, longevity and feeling great! Passing the board certification exam legitimized my expertise in my professional world and created fabulous opportunities to expand my career. I am grateful to be a part of the lifestyle medicine family and the ACLM! Go for it!” ~  OB-Gyn, DO, DipABLM – Georgia, USA.

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