Our Team

Together, we are a force for change. The American College of Lifestyle Medicine and our members represent the future of healthcare. Our members are united in their desire to be the tip of the spear in transforming a system of care delivery through lifestyle medicine. Our staff exists to support and serve them in this mission.

Board of Directors Stock
Cate Collings, President

Executive Director

Susan Benigas
Cate Collings, President
Senior Deputy Director | Senior Director of Partnerships & Strategy
Martin Tull


Cate Collings, President
Deputy Director of Administration | Senior Director of Member Engagement
Kaitlyn Pauly | MS, RDN, DipACLM
Cate Collings, President

Senior Director of Marketing

Leslie Casey


Cate Collings, President

Deputy Director of Operations | Senior Director of Events

Julie Holtgrave | CMP


Cate Collings, President

Senior Director of Research

Micaela Karlsen | PhD, MSPH
Cate Collings, President

Senior Director of Membership

Jennifer Nanni | MBA, MEd
Cate Collings, President

Senior Director of Education

Paulina Shetty | MS, RDN, CPT, DipACLM
Cate Collings, President

Senior Director of Communications and Public Affairs

Jean Tips


Richard M. Rosenfeld

Senior Liaison for Medical Society Relations

Richard M. Rosenfeld | MD, MPH, MBA
Cate Collings, President

Director of Communications

Alex Branch
Cate Collings, President

Director of Academic Advancement

Kelly Freeman | MSN, AGPCNP-BC, DipACLM
Cate Collings, President

Director of Health Systems Integrations

Tyler Hemmingson | MPH
Stacia Johnston

Director of Advocacy & Health Equity

Stacia Johnston
Charlotte Matthews

Director of Partnerships

Charlotte Matthews | CPT, NBC-HWC
Theresa Stephan

Director of Finance & Human Resources

Theresa Stephan
Shannon Worthman

Director of Education

Shannon Worthman | NBC-HWC
Janelle Dye

Associate Director of Member Engagement

Janelle Dye | MBA
Dasha Ross

Associate Director of Events & Customer Support

Dasha Ross
Kara Staffier, MPH

Associate Director of Research

Kara Staffier | MPH
Katie Edmiston

Senior Project Manager of Education

Katie Edmiston
Lauree Gallion

Special Projects Manager

Lauree Gallion
Samantha Gallion

Grants Development Manager

Samantha Gallion
Grace Gama, MS, NBC-HWC

Education Project Manager

Grace Gama | MS, NBC-HWC
Kara Staffier, MPH

Health Systems Integration Manager

Cassie Diestel | MSK, MHL, CES
Alexandra Kees, MPH

Education Project Manager

Alexandra Kees | MPH
Heather Klein

Instructional Design Manager

Heather Klein
Grace Gama, MS, NBC-HWC

Program Manager, Lifestyle Medicine Residency Curriculum

Shanna Mello | MS
Kathy Pollard

Research Projects Manager

Kathy Pollard
Brittany Shroyer

Social Media Manager

Brittany Shroyer | MS, ACSM-EP
Monica O’Neill, MS, NASM-CNC

Membership Support Manager

Monica O’Neill | MS, NASM-CNC
Caia Ross

Education Support Manager

Caia Ross
Kara Staffier, MPH

Partnerships Coordinator

Kathleen McDarby
Samantha Gallion

Member Systems & Technology Manager Webmaster

Brianna Greene Stepan | CiA
Katie Edmiston

Visual Designer

Lauryn Casey

Together, we are a force for change.

ACLM is the only medical society in the United States that offers quality education and certification to individuals dedicated to clinical and worksite practice of lifestyle medicine as the foundation of a transformed and sustainable health care system. As a result, we are eradicating the root cause of disease by using lifestyle as a therapeutic intervention to prevent, treat, and often reverse lifestyle-related diseases. When you join ACLM, your membership delivers an exceptional return on investment:

  • Support our network of members dedicated to advancing the field of lifestyle medicine.
  • Unlimited access to clinical practice resources.
  • Annual subscription to the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine.
  • Scholarships, grants, and research presentations.

As a member, you are a part of the galvanized force for change. ACLM is committed to tirelessly advancing lifestyle medicine – for your benefit, our medical profession colleagues, and those we serve.

Join our network of supporting partners.

LM2022 — Redesigning Healthcare Better

ACLM is hosting a hybrid conference on November 13-16, 2022. The in-person event will be at the Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, Florida. This is the premier conference delivering expert continuing education with a focus on lifestyle medicine - the therapeutic dose of proper nutrition, regular physical activity, social connection, restorative sleep, stress management, and avoidance of risky substances. The LM2022 conference theme of “Redesigning Healthcare Better” is the call to action to create a future where lifestyle medicine is offered as the first, affordable, and accessible therapy for non-communicable diseases.