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Demonstrate your academic institution’s innovation in undergraduate lifestyle medicine education and prepare your students to pursue the educational pathway towards lifestyle medicine certification.

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What is UME curriculum certification? 

By using a tiered approach to evaluate lifestyle medicine curriculum integration, the ACLM Curriculum Certification Committee certifies institutions based on the number of hours students spend in lifestyle medicine training, the percentage of competencies met, and the enrichment opportunities that are available. 


Undergraduate Medical Education: Lifestyle Medicine Curriculum Implementation Standards (sagepub.com)

Why certify my medical school’s curriculum? 

Medical students consider addressing lifestyle factors such as nutrition and physical activity important to their future careers, but upon graduation overwhelmingly do not feel equipped to meaningfully engage patients on these topics. Today’s students are interested in learning lifestyle medicine, and desire sufficient training to be healthy lifestyle role models for patients and provide effective health behavior change counseling. 

ACLM provides a pathway to help medical schools address these discrepancies. Through providing educational resources to medical schools and recognition of medical schools’ achievements in training their doctors in chronic disease prevention, treatment, and reversal, the medical school curriculum certification process aids in institutional innovation in lifestyle medicine training, converging into national systemic change through encouragement, support, and publicization of those innovations. 

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