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Healthcare professionals are uniquely positioned to stem the tide of chronic disease through patient education. In order to be effective, our nation’s clinicians must understand the vital roles exercise, nutrition, sleep, social connectivity, health behavior change, tobacco cessation and responsible alcohol use and other lifestyle interventions play in preventing, treating and managing disease. Through training, clinicians will be poised to treat and prevent the current pandemic of chronic disease and reduce unsustainable healthcare costs.


LMEd laser focuses on expanding lifestyle medicine curricula in U.S. medical schools through offering open access to a collection of evidence-based curricular resources to train future clinicians in prevention and treatment of lifestyle-related diseases. LMEd is an evolution from the Lifestyle Medicine Education Collaborative, originally founded by Dr. Eddie Phillips and Dr. Jennifer Trilk and co-directed with Mr. Dennis Muscato,and is now supported by The University of South Carolina School of Medicine at Greenville. This lifestyle medicine collection can be used for core curricula, integration into existing curricula, electives, rotations, and scholarly concentrations.


Our Mission

LMEd provides open access, evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine curricular resources to build knowledge, skills and advocacy in clinicians for the prevention and treatment of lifestyle-related chronic disease.


Our Vision

All clinical students will receive education in lifestyle medicine to prevent and treat lifestyle-related chronic disease.