The Lift Project is an innovative, evidence-based mental wellbeing program on a mission to lift 10 million lives. The Lift Project uniquely combines scientific strategies from Lifestyle Medicine, Positive Psychology and Neuroscience, and published studies have shown that it significantly reduces depressive symptoms, anxiety and stress, while significantly increasing positive attributes of mental wellbeing such as vitality, life satisfaction and “flourishing”. The Lift Project is used in health care, corporate, educational and community settings, and is administered in both face-to-face and online formats. The program is delivered to small groups, by Endorsed Providers, but is also available as a mental wellbeing solution for large organizations and companies. As a profit-for-purpose, The Lift Project not only lifts the lives of those who participate in the program, it also donates profits to charities that support human health, happiness and hope. To learn more, please visit