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Pivio, by Lifestyle Medicine Institute (LMI), is an evidence-based lifestyle medicine solution that was established more than 35 years ago and is supported by more than 40 peer-reviewed clinical research articles. Pivio is proud to be the first comprehensive lifestyle medicine solution to be certified and endorsed by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine!

Pivio is an immersive behavior change ecosystem, offered as either a cohort-based program or as a self-guided one-to-one health coaching program, with Pivio Now. 

Originally known as the Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP), Pivio helps people pivot away from chronic disease and towards optimal health, and helps organizations reduce escalating healthcare costs.

Lifestyle Medicine Institute’s latest offering, Pivio for GLP-1, is a lifestyle medicine-based solution supporting GLP-1 drug treatment plans. This program, drawing from LMI’s decades of clinical data, combines evidence-based education, behavioral change techniques, and experiential learning to guide GLP-1 participants towards lasting lifestyle choices.

For more information, visit piviohealth.com