obVus Solutions (pronounced “obvious”) is a Los Angeles-based well-tech company that develops motivational and supportive products to coach and condition healthy habits. Its flagship patented app, minder, transforms the Apple AirPods Pro and Apple Watch into real-time biofeedback devices that coach posture, breathing and healthy habits. minder was awarded “Best App” in 2021 by the Webby Awards; and “Best Mobile Product” at the 11th Annual Media Excellence Awards. Paired with our MinderPRO health coaching platform, we deliver coaches and clients the ability to set their goals, create achievable plans and the motivation necessary to implement desired behavior modifications. The obVus minder® Laptop Tower Stand, an ergonomically designed, height-adjustable stand that turns a laptop into sit/stand desk, was named “The Best Laptop Stand to Save Your Neck” by Wired magazine and a 2021 “Best Healthy Home Product” by Health Magazine. Pair the Laptop Tower Stand with the minder wireless, portable keyboard for a high-comfort, ergonomically correct work environment that supports wellness and drives productivity. For more information, visit www.obvus.me