obVus Solutions (it’s obvious) is a well-tech company that develops award-winning products to coach and condition healthy habits. The company is committed to empowering individuals to mind their health outcomes one ME/mo (behavior) at a time.  Its patented product, minder®️, is a two-time award-winning smart wearable device that offers real-time insight and builds healthy habits. The obVus minder®️ Laptop Tower Stand is ergonomically designed and turns a laptop into a sit/stand desk, named “Best Healthy Home Product” by Health Magazine in 2021.  The minder wireless, portable keyboard supports mindful ergonomics while on the go.  The obVus Solutions’ MinderPRO program is a network of national-board certified health coaches that create customized plans to help clients “Minders” activate well-being and meet wellness goals. For more information, visit www.obvus.me