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Regain Your Health in Under 2 Weeks

The McDougall Program is a leading medical program that heals chronic illness through professional medical care, world-class education, and ongoing support for people transitioning to a starch-based lifestyle.

For over 40 years, the McDougall Program has helped thousands of people get off unnecessary medications; reverse and heal serious health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure; reduce their risk for cancer, arthritis and heart disease; learn why they’re sick and how to get well. This program has been healing people from all over the world for over 35 years and is led by Heather McDougall, CEO and her team of world-class experts such as the program’s medical director, Anthony Lim, MD, JD; psychologist Doug Lisle, PhD; nutrition expert Jeff Novick, MS, RDN; personal trainer Jack Dixon, NSCA, CPT; and more.

The McDougall Program centers on a diet of 90% starchy plant foods such as potatoes, beans, corn, rice and includes whole grains and whole-grain products (such as pasta, tortillas, and whole-grain bread), and 10% of a wide assortment of vegetables and fruit.

Our program is now 100% online and includes all education and medical care during the 12 days together as well as a full year of support from your dedicated Support Specialist. Join today or email us at office@drmcdougall.com for help with your registration.

The possibilities are endless with the 12-Day McDougall Program:

·      Avoid dangerous and costly surgeries

·      Lower, or eliminate, unnecessary medications and avoid their harmful side effects

·      Save time and money with fewer doctor’s visits and less time off work

·      Live a full life with vitality and confidence in your good health

·      Add healthy years to your life plus keep up with your kids, your grandchildren and enjoy that bucket list trip you’ve always dreamed about