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Visualize the Future of Care

More than a medical society, the American College of Lifestyle Medicine is a catalyst for change. We are building a future of healthcare that empowers clinicians as well as patients to lead healthier lives and to create a paradigm in which health restoration is the clinical goal and lifestyle medicine is taught throughout medical and health professional programs.

Our priority funding areas include:

  • achieving equitable access to lifestyle medicine
  • building a resilient clinician workforce
  • advancing lifestyle medicine research


“I am 30 years into my career as a PA. I have had direct patient care all of these years in “mopping up the floor,” with no real changes and I feel burned out. This (lifestyle medicine) breathes new life into me and gives me hope that I can provide real value for those seeking to better their life with the start of introducing healthy eating.

Ada Rhodes, PA-C

“This is the first experience I’ve had with lifestyle medicine, and I’m happy to discover this new world in medicine. I think, as an Internal Medicine specialist, that we have a lot to learn and use other than medications. There is a change in the paradigm of medicine, and all specialties should be aware of this, to improve our medical practice and our patients’ health.”

AnalĂ­a Fridman, MD