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You want to provide the best possible care and nutrition, while also meeting your hospital’s financial and sustainability targets. Greener by Default addresses all of these needs simultaneously.

Greener by Default is a research-based program that provides expertise in behavioral strategies to “nudge” patients and staff to make sustainable, healthy food choices without restricting their choices. The core concept is simple: make plant-based meals the default option, while giving patients and staff the choice to opt into meals with meat or dairy.

This approach allows hospitals to improve health and inclusivity, meet carbon reduction goals, and save on food costs, all while preserving freedom of choice.

Greener by Default partnered with NYC Health + Hospitals to make plant-based the default for patient meals. Over half of all patients are opting into the plant-based Chef’s Specials, with over 90% satisfaction ratings. The program is saving approximately $500,000 annually and reduced the carbon footprint of the food program by a third.

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