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Beyond Meds, LLC is a digital healthcare company that provides evidence-based, lifestyle recommendations that are sent from the healthcare provider to the patient’s phone. The provider chooses the personalized lifestyle plan based on each patient’s diagnosis.


This patented system utilizes a health coaching format to help patients create healthy habits. Our mission is to help patients manage, treat, and prevent disease by offering non-pharmacologic strategies for preventative care.


Beyond Meds is comprised of an expert panel of medical specialists. The database is updated regularly based on the latest research in the fields of lifestyle medicine, nutrition, exercise, and mental health. We use a whole-person health approach, aiming to support each patient’s journey towards physical and emotional health.


Beyond Meds is for healthcare professionals who treat ambulatory patients, and include:


•   Primary care providers

•   Specialty care providers

•   Health systems

•   Hospital discharge services

•   Emergency departments

•   Urgent care centers

We partner with:

•   Insurance companies

•   Accountable care organizations

•   Employee health programs