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Ardmore Institute of Health – home of Full Plate Living – works for a future where healthy lifestyles provide an equitable and preferred method to prevent, treat, and reverse chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Since 1947 the organization has been promoting lifestyle change as a means to help people achieve a more healthy and fulfilling life. Ardmore Institute of Health provides grants to projects that support this mission and provides the Full Plate Living nutrition programs to all at no cost.

Full Plate Living is an ACLM Certified Lifestyle Medicine Program provided as a free service by Ardmore Institute of Health. Full Plate Living helps people add more whole plant-based foods to meals they’re already eating. It’s a small-step approach that can lead to big health outcomes.

There are three free programs available through Full Plate Living:

  1. Share the online, self-guided Core Program with your patients, clients, friends & family so they can get free access to healthy eating programs with tracks to help with weight loss, blood sugar, and more.
  2. Host a group program where any facilitator can walk participants through eight sessions with small steps built in to help people improve their health.
  3. Utilize the Shared Medical Appointment Program with patients in your clinic.

The following resources are available for sharing the self-guided Core Program:

  1. table display and prescription pads for your office
  2. after visit summary sentences and QR codes
  3. PDF handout you can print to share

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