The American College of Culinary Medicine (ACCM) represents cutting edge healthcare and foodservice professionals who make Culinary Medicine the focus of their work.

The ACCM is the home of the Health meets Food curriculum, which teaches healthcare and foodservice professionals evidence-based principles to change the dialogue about food and health with their patients and patrons. Over ten years of research documents positive outcomes in competencies around food and lifestyle interventions among medical students, nursing students, residents, and practicing healthcare providers from over 60 academic medical centers that use the curriculum.


As Culinary Medicine is increasingly integrated into medical professional school curricula nationwide, there is a tremendous need for leadership to further catalyze its inclusion into education, clinical and translational research, and as a vital component for reducing chronic disease. ACCM provides that international leadership.

The Certified Culinary Medicine Specialist (CCMS) designation identifies clinicians who have a unique and comprehensive foundation for incorporating healthy eating into patients’ diets: comprehensive knowledge of nutrition, the culinary techniques to prepare food that is consistent with real-world budgets, time constraints, and nutritional goals. Physicians, physician assistants, pharmacists, registered dietitians, nurses, nurse practitioners, optometrists, physical and occupational therapists, and certified diabetic educators are eligible for certification.

The curriculum includes a combination of extensive online nutrition education courses, live conferences, and hands-on cooking modules (either in-person or virtual). By completing the program, clinicians earn continuing medical education credit hours and enhance their confidence and quality of care by learning how to:


•  Include food and nutrition counseling within traditional clinical practice

•  Develop practical examination-room dialogues that inspire behavioral change

•  Implement new strategies in even the busiest primary care offices

ACCM offers healthcare professionals powerful tools they need to effect change, with interactive resources for patients including recipes, food and diet information, and innovative mobile and web-based software applications.