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My Viva Plan® unlocks the power of personalized care.

Transform your clinical practice and elevate patient outcomes with My Viva Plan®, the cutting-edge digital self-management platform for cardiometabolic disease. Our innovative technology streamlines the creation of personalized Lifestyle Medicine treatment plans.

Developed by regulated Healthcare Professionals with expertise in nutrition, exercise, and psychology, this dynamic tool is evidence-based, empowers patients, and optimizes your clinical encounters. Integrate My Viva Plan® into your practice and do what you do best, help people get well again.

Benefits of My Viva Plan:

1.    Optimized Medical Visits: Save time with resource gathering, health coaching, creating, and delivering customized at home plans. My Viva Plan® enhances clinical efficiency by saving 60-90 minutes per patient.

2.    Empowered Patients: My Viva Plan® assesses patient readiness for change, coaches them through behaviour modification, and builds resilience. Foster better health outcomes by equipping your patients with the tools needed for chronic disease self-management.

3.      Improved Quality of Care: Strengthen your physician-patient relationship with shared decision making. Patients can customize meal plans and exercise routines to meet their needs while you track their progress with easy-to-understand reports and tailor your medical recommendations appropriately.

4. Maximized Health and Financial Outcomes: Harness the power of machine – learning to auto-generate evidence-based, personalized treatment plans. Patients learn sustainable behaviour change skills and reduce A1C by roughly 6% while you enjoy upwards of 50% improvement in clinic efficiency.