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LM Week May 21, 2023

Take action during Lifestyle Medicine Week 2023 A global celebration and awareness campaign on the six essential lifestyle pillars that optimize health.  It is that time of year again! Mark your calendars for Lifestyle Medicine Week 2023 from Sunday, May…
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Maximizing the Potential of Cardiac Rehab

Maximizing the Potential of Cardiac Rehab In her latest Medscape article, Cate Collings, MD FACC, MS, DipABLM discusses the underutilization of traditional cardiac rehabilitation (TCR) and intensive cardiac rehabilitation (ICR) despite their potential to treat and reverse cardiovascular disease. Both…
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Consistency in Clinical Practice Guidelines: Eat More Plant Foods

Consistency in Clinical Practice Guidelines: Eat More Plant Foods Understanding that there is consistent agreement rather than debate should increase clinicians’ confidence that they are making sound evidence-based recommendations to their patients when recommending increased consumption of unrefined plant-foods. An…
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Medication Deprescribing Protocols for Type 2 Diabetes

Medication Deprescribing Protocols for Type 2 Diabetes The American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) has sponsored a qualitative case series research study that provides valuable insights into the protocols that can guide clinical decision-making on medication deprescribing for type 2…
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The Benefits of Plant-Based Nutrition

In this first article in a special 11 part series ACLM presents the evidence supporting the benefits of a whole food, predominantly plant-based diet to prevent and reverse disease in multiple clinical settings.

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The Benefits of Plant-Based Nutrition: Diet Quality

Plant-based diets can address poor diet quality by providing essential macronutrients, micronutrients and fiber. This article reviews the essential nutrients for optimal health and the ability of plant-based diets to adequately meet recommendations.

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Avocados and Cardiovascular Health Research

ACLM CRT member, Love One Today, an initiative to advance awareness and understanding of the nutrition research on avocado consumption, is empowering lifestyle medicine by providing resources that make it easy for health professionals help patients who want to improve their health and make diet-related lifestyle behavior changes with healthy foods like avocado.

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“I can manage my health!”

Addressing each patient’s diabetes is more in-depth than a standard diagnosis. Instead, residents and attending physicians educate patients about evidence-based lifestyle medicine that, if prescribed intensively, could reverse their diagnosis.

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ACLM to Honor Dr. Liana Lianov with Trailblazer Award 

ACLM to Honor Dr. Liana Lianov with Trailblazer Award The Lifestyle Medicine Trailblazer recognizes an individual who is currently providing leadership in the field of lifestyle medicine, helping strengthen the foundation laid by others, while advancing it through innovation. “It’s…
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Hispanic Health

During Hispanic Heritage Month, we are reminded of how lifestyle-related chronic diseases disproportionately affect historically under-resourced communities.

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Intelligence Brief: LM Addressing Health Equity

This brief will 1) evaluate the promise of, and need for, health equity; 2) explain what lifestyle medicine is and why it is high- value care; 3) share how provider organizations can deliver lifestyle medicine both through their own processes and through community partnerships; and 4) present some of the challenges to widespread adoption of lifestyle medicine and how those challenges can be addressed.

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Lifestyle medicine helped save this physician from burnout.

I was 32, seeing about 30 patients a shift for Yale New Haven Health. I liked my job — the adrenaline rush from saving a life is medicine’s ultimate reward. But 80 to 85 percent of the diagnoses I made were straightforward, not immediate life-threatening events or complicated medical dilemmas to solve.

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How a Mayo Clinic doctor who survived stage 4 cancer and a heart transplant inspires patients.

“Dr. Mussallem, a breast cancer and lifestyle medicine specialist, comes to appointments prepared with scientific evidence backing up why healthy lifestyle choices matter when it comes to breast cancer prevention and management care.

Her patients are experiencing a range of emotions that accompany a breast cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatments like chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Fear. Confusion. Determination.

‘But patients welcome the opportunity to seize a sense of control over their disease and embrace the six pillars of lifestyle medicine'”

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Communities besieged by chronic diseases need lifestyle medicine. Meet a doctor determined to deliver it there.

“Margarita Schneider-Munoz was in her early 20s when a nurse practitioner reviewing her family medical history shook her head and said something Schneider-Munoz never forgot.

‘I am so sorry,’ the nurse practitioner told her.

She was referring to a family history reflecting that Schneider-Munoz’s grandmother was diagnosed with breast and ovarian cancer in her mid-40s, and that Schneider-Munoz’s father suffered his first heart attack while also in his 40s. The nurse practitioner meant well but her message was clear: Schneider-Munoz was destined to a life of sickness.”

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Lifestyle medicine works. So why can’t physicians get paid to practice it?

“As a passionate advocate for lifestyle medicine, Padmaja Patel, MD, DipABLM, knows many clinicians committed to practicing the fast-growing field and dedicated to restoring their patients’ health through proven, evidence-based treatments.

But they struggle with financial unsustainability in a system geared more toward “sick care.”

The predominant U.S. fee-for-service health care reimbursement model rewards clinicians for how many procedures and services they perform, not for making their patients healthy again.”

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Featured Continuing Education Offerings

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Remission of Type 2 Diabetes & Reversal of Insulin Resistance

Worldwide, Diabetes is a Leading Cause of Morbidity and Mortality
Yet, there is a safe, powerful and cost effective treatment and it’s time every patient, and clinician knows

Physician and Health Professional Well-being

This course pairs a unique perspective on personal and organization wellness with a practical approach and useful supporting materials, that can build a well-being mindset and improve work life balance for yourself and others around you.

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