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Bringing lifestyle medicine experts and expertise to the forefront.

The American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) features complimentary live webinars as a service to those interested in learning more about the powerful specialty field of lifestyle medicine. These webinars are recorded and made available exclusively to ACLM members in the members-only section of our website. 

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Upcoming Webinars

How to Effectively Incorporate Lifestyle Medicine in the Academic Setting

May 22, 2018 1:00 PM i
Central Time (US and Canada)

Featured Speaker: Beth Frates, MD

 Standard medical, nursing and allied health professional training programs often lack adequate Lifestyle Medicine curricula. With more than 80% of medical costs in the US attributed to treating lifestyle-related chronic disease, incorporation of training in Lifestyle Medicine to treat the underlying cause of chronic disease is critical to effectively address both patient health and the financial burden of health care. Academic institutions like Harvard University, Loma Linda University, Ohio University and Western University of Health Sciences are leading the charge and effectively integrating Lifestyle Medicine into education. In this webinar, our very own ACLM Board Member, Dr. Beth Frates, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor at Harvard Medical School, and lead author of the Lifestyle Medicine Course Syllabus will discuss how to effectively incorporate Lifestyle Medicine into the academic setting.

1. Review effective methods of incorporating lifestyle medicine in the academic setting.
2. Discuss next steps for incorporating lifestyle medicine lectures and courses into educational curriculum
3. Identify lifestyle medicine course development resources, opportunities for involvement and leadership awards for academic faculty, students, and trainees.

Speaker Bio: Dr. Frates is a trained physiatrist & wellness coach. She completed medical school at Stanford, & her residency at Harvard. Dr. Frates served as Director of Medical School Education at the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine where she started the first official Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group (LMIG). She serves on the ACLM board & created an LM course curriculum & syllabus shared on the ACLM website.

Lifestyle Medicine on the Global Stage

Jun 5, 2018 2:00 PM in 
Central Time (US and Canada)

Featured Speaker: Margarete Ezinwa, MD, MPH

Description: Non-communicable chronic disease is crippling humanity. This webinar will outline the global burden of lifestyle-related disease, outline what lifestyle medicine can offer and bring updates as to what lifestyle medicine practitioners are doing around the world to face this pandemic. We will end with a question and answer session on the Lifestyle Medicine Global Alliance.

1. Outline the global burden of non-communicable disease.
2. Describe the solutions lifestyle medicine provides.
3. Give examples of current lifestyle medicine initiatives around the world.

Speaker Bio: Dr. Ezinwa completed her MD at The University of Auckland, New Zealand; family & preventive medicine residency at Franklin Square and Johns Hopkins respectively; & fellowships at WHO & NIH. She teaches preventive & family medicine at Loma Linda University & serves as LMGA’s Director, bringing her skills & enthusiasm for eradicating disease through global collaboration & lifestyle medicine.

Certification through the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine

Tuesday, July 24, 2018 at 2:00 PM ET
LMEd Host: Edward Phillips, MD
Guest Presenters: Beth Morris, MD and Wayne Dysinger, MD

Description: In 2017 the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine (ABLM) launched its inaugural examination and awarded over 200 diplomate certificates to physicians successfully completing the required training and assessment. On Tuesday, July 24th please join ABLM Chair, Wayne Dysinger, MD, MPH and new ABLM certificate holder, Elizabeth Morris, MD as they discuss opportunities to complete the ABLM certification. The next exam is October 25th, 2018. The webinar is free and includes a Q & A period.

Speakers Bio

Edward M. Phillips, MD

Dr. Phillips is assistant professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School and is Director of the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and Chief, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Service at the VA Boston Healthcare System. Additionally, he is a Fellow of American College of Sports Medicine and serves on the executive council that leads and developed the Exercise is Medicine initiative. He is co-author of ACSM’s Exercise is Medicine, The Clinician’s Guide to the Exercise Prescription and chair of the Exercise is Medicine Education Committee. He serves on the advisory board of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and the Health Sector of the United States National Physical Activity Plan. He has published more than 65 scientific publications.

Wayne Dysinger, MD

Dr. Dysinger is a preventive and family medicine physician who currently serves as Chief Executive Officer for Lifestyle Medicine Solutions, a new model primary care concept that is built on Lifestyle Medicine. He is also Chair of the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine, and Medical Director of the Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP).

Beth Morris, MD

Elizabeth Morris, MD is a Family Medicine/Lifestyle Medicine physician with Greenville Health System in Greenville, SC, and faculty at USC School of Medicine Greenville. She is a leader of the Lifestyle Medicine Education Collaborative and participates in the Lifestyle Medicine Task Force at USC SOM Greenville.

Archived Webinars (Available in the Members-Only Section)

"Making Lifestyle Medicine Financially Rewarding for Health Care Providers - An Actuary’s Perspective" By: Ken Beckman, ASA, ACAS, MAAA, CFA

"Health Immersion Programs: A Tool in the Lifestyle Medicine Toolbox" By: Michael Klaper, MD, John Kelly, MD, MPH, Scott Stoll, MD

"Addressing our Nation's Crises of Poor Health & Clinician Burnout: A Primary Care Physician's Personal and Professional Transformation" By: Dr. Steven Lawenda, MD, ABFM

"Group Visits: Leveraging Time for Clinical, Operational & Financial Success" By: Dr. Shilpa P. Saxena, MD, IFMCP

"Treating the Root Cause to Prevent and Reverse Obesity, Heart Disease and Diabetes" By: Dr. Pankaj Vij, MD, FACP

"The Role of Plant-Based Nutrition in Reversing Insulin Resistance in Type 1 Diabetes, Prediabetes, and Type 2 Diabetes" By: Dr. Cyrus Khambatta, PhD

"Coaching & Lifestyle Medicine: A Marriage Made in Health" By: Margaret Moore, MBA

"Bringing Plant-Based Nutrition into Clinical Practice" By: Dr. Robert Ostfeld, MD, MSc

"Advances in the Detection and Reversal of Atherosclerosis" By: Dr Joel Kahn, MD, FACC

"Physical Activity Assessments for Seniors" By: Anthony J. Wall MS, CPT

"How Evidence-Based Lifestyle Medicine Strategies can Prevent and Reverse Memory Loss in ALzheimer's Disease" By: Dr. Wes Youngberg, DrPH, MPH, CNS, FACLM

"How to Integrate Behavioral Health Into Your Lifestyle Medicine Practice" By: Dr. Joe Raphael, DrPH, MBA, MS, FACLM, LMFT, CHES, HAPM

Sample Webinars

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