A Family Physician's

Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine

This 22-article series of reviews and practice briefs introducing the field and implementation of lifestyle medicine to family medicine physicians describes the six pillars of lifestyle medicine, its evidence-based use in chronic disease treatment, its clinical practice implementation and its future as today’s fastest-growing medical specialty. The publication sponsored by ACLM was edited and peer-reviewed by the Journal of Family Practice. The 22-article supplement, a year in the making, is live thanks to the generous support of Ardmore Institute of Health, ACLM staff, and the hard work of some 58 authors.

Article List of Print Version:

  • Making the Case for Lifestyle Medicine
  • Defining Lifestyle Medicine: Six Pillars
    • Nutrition - An Evidence-Based, Practical Approach to Chronic Disease Prevention and Treatment
    • Physical Activity
    • Stress Management
    • Sleep and Health
    • Avoidance of Risky Substances: Steps to Help Patients Reduce Anxiety, Overeating and Smoking
    • Positive Social Connection: A Key Pillar of Lifestyle Medicine
  • Power and Practice of Lifestyle Medicine in Chronic Disease
    • Type 2 Diabetes Prevention and Management with a Low-Fat, Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet
    • Cardiovascular Disease and Lifestyle Medicine
    • Primary Care Clinicians, Cancer Survivorship, and Lifestyle Medicine
  • Lifestyle Medicine: Shared Medical Appointments
  • Future Vision
    • Lifestyle Medicine Education: Essential Component of Family Medicine
    • The Future of Lifestyle Medicine for Family Physicians

If you want to learn more about lifestyle medicine, ACLM has recently produced a 1-hour continuing education introduction course.

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Additional articles available within this download:

  • Factors Affecting the Pillars of Lifestyle Medicine
    • The Call for Lifestyle Medicine Interventions to Address the Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences
    • Optimizing Health and Well-Being: The Interplay Between Lifestyle Medicine and Social Determinants of Health
  • Power and Practice of Lifestyle Medicine in Chronic Disease
    • Lifestyle Intervention and Alzheimer Disease
    • Lifestyle Medicine as Treatment for Autoimmune Disease
  • Lifestyle Medicine Practice
    • A Coach Approach to Facilitating Behavior Change
    • A Lifestyle Medicine Approach to Medication Deprescribing: An Introduction
    • Reimbursement as a Catalyst for Advancing Lifestyle Medicine Practices
    • A Framework for Culture Change in a Metropolitan Medical Community
    • An Approach to Nutritional Counseling for Family Physicians: Focusing on Food Choice, Eating Structure, and Food Volume

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