Making the Case for Lifestyle Medicine

ACLM has embarked on a journey to create a series of “Making the Case” guides in order to showcase the importance of implementing LM in a variety of settings.

Making the Case for Lifestyle Medicine in the Workplace

Employees are critical stakeholders in organizations; their health matters as much as their productivity. Traditional wellness programs may not be enough to keep your employees well. This short PDF provides a brief overview of Lifestyle Medicine, a unique application of health care that is well-positioned to benefit your organization from an economic, health and organizational perspective. Take a few minutes to learn how LM can improve employee’s lives and your organization as a whole in the Making the Case for LM in the Workplace PDF. This resource was curated by ACLM's LM in the Workplace Member Interest Group.

Making the Case for Lifestyle Medicine in Health Systems

The American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM), with the expertise of many members and partners, created this compendium of strategies and tactics for weaving lifestyle medicine into large health systems. Because every person is uniquely positioned within their organizations, the toolkit offers a broad range of advice and suggestions. 

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