Addiction Recovery: Behavioral Health update from ACLM Corporate Roundtable Member GoMo Health

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, more than 70,000 Americans died from overdoses in 2019. Rimrock and GoMo Health® have a plan to improve that statistic.

The Recovery Pathways court treatment program, a collaboration between Rimrock, an addiction treatment center in Montana, and GoMo Health, a patient engagement solution provider, extends the impact of person-to-person support (peer specialists and counselors) with a “virtual concierge,” providing personalized lifestyle guidance and coaching to supplement services traditionally offered through live court treatment programs.

The GoMo Health behavioral messaging technology reinforces the learnings from the therapy, extending reach and impact to both justice-involved clients and their families. GoMo Health cognitively reinforces the live counseling by delivering aligned resources in a person’s lived environment – where they may be surrounded by stigma, anxiety, and challenges - and activates, nurtures, and helps people accomplish small tasks, each day, that build self-confidence in their ability to make a productive return to their community, developing and fostering resiliency by staying in contact for a full year.

“Rimrock weans individuals off in-person intensive treatment. This is where GoMo Health picks up,” explained Sue Zbikowski, PhD, developmental psychologist, and GoMo Health Advisory Board member. “GoMo Health breaks the cycle of individuals’ thinking errors and the situations that trigger them.”

“Throughout the program, participants receive tailored and behaviorally-based mobile messages, interactive surveys, and assessments that are developed and vetted by behavioral scientists and substance abuse counselors,” says Coralee Schmitz, MS, MBA, MAC, Chief Operations Officer of Rimrock. “These assessments enable us to stay in real-time contact with participants, monitoring their outlook and resiliency, and gauging need, when necessary, for in-person intervention to manage potential adverse events. Messages demonstrate how to activate and empower individuals without enabling them or being overbearing,” Schmitz continues.

Annette Redding, Behavioral Health Peer Support Specialist at Rimrock, recognizes how the GoMo Health personalized concierge enhances treatment and provides the coaching people in recovery need. “It was difficult to find people who were stable in recovery,” she recalled from her own journey. “With the Concierge service, clients can easily connect with peer support specialists and counselors at any time.”

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The Rimrock Concierge will be showcased at a livestreamed event on July 27, 2021 at 1:30 PM (MT). To register, visit: GoMo Health is an active member of the ACLM Corporate Roundtable. For more information about their programs please visit  

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