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January 2019
President's Desk:  The Potential of Lifestyle Medicine
Spotlight Article:   The Foundation of All Healthcare

October 2018
President's Desk:  Real Health Care Reform: Vision into Action
Spotlight Article:   Integrating Lifestyle into Residency Curricula

August 2018
President's Desk: High Protein Diets in Perspective
Spotlight Article: ACLM Sparked My Life

May 2018
President's Desk: Happiness Science in Health Care
Spotlight Article: I have a carrot and a stent, you pick!

March 2018
President's Desk: The BHAG Challenge
Spotlight Article: Q&A with Kelly Freeman, MS, NP-C, co-chair of ACLM's RN/APRN Working Group

January 2018
President's Desk: What is lifestyle Medicine?
Spotlight Article: Becoming a Physician 'Healer' Using Food as Medicine

November 2017
President's Desk: In the American College of Lifestyle Medicine I've Found My Tribe
Spotlight Article: Lifestyle Medicine 2017: A Rousing Success!

September 2017
President's Desk: Uncovering the Truth
Spotlight Article: A Journey To Lifestyle Medicine: Dr. Tom Rifai's path

June 2017
President's Desk:  Money Talks
Spotlight Article:  Discontent is the first necessity of progress

April 2017
President's Desk:  Lifestyle Medicine's Time Has Come
Spotlight Article:  Lifestyle Medicine-the paradigm shift changing the health of the nation

February 2017
President's Desk:  Lifestyle Medicine: Making the Choices Clear?
Spotlight Article:  Lifestyle Medicine, technology and a mandate for mentorship

December 2016
President's Desk: The Future is Now for ACLM and the Field of Lifestyle Medicine
Spotlight Article: The Times They Are A-Changin: Lifestyle Medicine Shows Up in Cardiology

October 2016 
President's Desk: Interview with ACLM Immediate Past President Dr. David Katz, MD
Spotlight Article:The High-Doctor with Low-Tech Solution s

August 2016 
President's Desk:
 The Road Before Us
Spotlight Article:
A physician lifestyle transformation Henry A Villegas, MD

June 2016 
President's Desk: Where’s the Beef? Heaved to the Margins by a Growing Coalition
Spotlight Article: An Interview with Brad Biskup, PA-C

April 2016
President's Desk: Building A Village of Villages
Spotlight Article: My Doctors Failed Me, by No Fault of Their Own

February 2016
President's Desk: Lifestyles of A Global Horde
Spotlight Article:
 Dr. John Principe

December 2015
President's Desk: Accord for the Future
Spotlight Article:  A Note From the Founding President of ACLM

October 2015
President's Desk: Standing With Friends
Spotlight Article: ACLM Debuts New Website, New Membership Categories and Benefits, and Counts Down to Lifestyle Medicine 2015

August 2015
President's Desk: The Lifestyle Medicine Wave
Spotlight Article: Leadership in Lifestyle Medicine: Bringing Vision to Life!

June 2015
President's Desk: Let's Not Eat Our Children's Food!
Spotlight Article: Lifestyle Medicine 2015 – Looking Onward & Upward

April 2015
President's Desk: Lifestyle Medicine – Spate of Communion
Spotlight Article:A Culinary Medicine Revolution at Tulane

February 2015
President's Desk: Lifestyle Medicine, and Common Cause: Event Causes Have Causes
Spotlight Article: – Coming Spring of 2015

December 2014
President's Desk:More Than a GLiMMER of Hope
Spotlight Article: ACLM - Beginnings, Challenges, Growth, and the Future

October 2014
President's Desk: We Know Enough; We Do Too Little
Spotlight Article: Lifestyle Medicine and the Corporate Culture

August 2014
President's Desk: Lifestyle Medicine: Only Enough is Enough
Spotlight Article: ACLM Members Leading the Charge for Change!

June 2014
President's Desk: Us and Now
Spotlight Article: The Beginnings of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine

April 2014
President's Desk: Health Care: From Reform, to Revolution
Spotlight Article: A Can't Miss Keynote Line-up for Lifestyle Medicine 2014

February 2014
President's Desk: ACLM's Standards
Spotlight Article: A New Generation of Lifestyle Medicine Pioneers

December 2013
President's Desk: Reflecting on a Successful Conference
Spotlight Article: Building the Engine for Change (And How You Can Participate)

October 2013
President's Desk: Diffusion of the Lifestyle Medicine "Innovation"
Spotlight Article: My Path to Lifestyle Medicine

August 2013
President's Desk: The Value Proposition of Lifestyle Medicine
Spotlight Article: Lifestyle Medicine & Occupational Therapy- Perfect Therapy

June 2013
President's Desk: Putting Positive Psychology into Perspective
Spotlight Article: Lifestyle Medicine 2013- Be Inspired!

March 2013
President's Desk: Challenges in Lifestyle Medicine
Spotlight Article: How I Found Lifestyle Medicine

January 2013
President's Desk: Looking Forward
Spotlight Article: Community: The Heart of Lifestyle Medicine

December 2012
President's Desk: Happy Holidays! Celebrating Our Collective Efforts
Spotlight Article: All I Want For Christmas Is Lifestyle Medicine

November 2012
President's Desk: Lifestyle Movement 2012
Spotlight Article: The 2013 Lifestyle Medicine "Movement" Event

October 2012
President's Desk: Lifestyle Medicine 2012 - The President's Report
Spotlight Article: The Lifestyle Medicine "Movement" Begins!

September 2012
President's Desk: This fall ACLM embarks on a number of important events and tasks.
Spotlight Article: James M. Rippe, MD, Pioneer in Lifestyle Medicine

August 2012
President's Desk: Lifestyle Medicine Connections Across the Globe
Spotlight Article: Collaborations on Lifestyle Medicine

July 2012
President's Desk: Lifestyle Medicine Opportunities for Promoting the Field
Spotlight Article: Kent W. Peterson, MD, FACPM, FACOEM, MRO

June 2012
President's Desk: Mobile health tools to support LM
Spotlight Article: Richard Carmona, MD, MPH, FACS

May 2012
President's Desk: Learning from Our Health Promotion Colleagues 
Spotlight Article: The Lifestyle Medicine Movement

April 2012
President's Desk: Overcoming Challenges in Communicating the Role of Lifestyle Medicine
Spotlight Article: Our Members' Interest in Lifestyle Medicine in Their Own Words

March 2012
President's Desk: Greetings from President Lianov, review of PM2012 conference.
Spotlight Article: Practice Spotlight: Gunter Dymkova-Fuchs, Dr.HSc. MPH

February 2012
President's Desk: Farewell from President Dysinger, introduction of new officers and directors.
Spotlight Article: Advisor Spotlight: Michael Holick, MD, PhD

January 2012
President's Desk: New ACLM Practice Standards committee, election of officers & directors.
Spotlight Article: Wellcoaches, Margaret Moore, MBA

December 2011
President's Desk: Report on a successful year in 2011
Spotlight Article: Whole Foods Wellness Clubs

November 2011
President's Desk: ACLM to host full conference in fall of 2012
Spotlight Article: Corey Howard, MD, FACP

October 2011
President's Desk: Review of ACLM's Practice Management Workshop
Spotlight Article: Changes in Healthcare, Opportunities in Lifestyle Medicine

September 2011
President's Desk: Lifestyle Medicine and Functional Medicine
Practice Spotlight: Dr. David Katz, MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP

August 2011
President's Desk: Lifestyle Medicine and financial viability: the Practice Management Workshop
Practice Spotlight: Howard Gimbel, MD, MPH and Judith Gimbel, MPH

July 2011
President's Desk: Encouraging Research in Lifestyle Medicine.
Research/Practice Spotlight: Kerry Kuehl, MD, DrPH, MS

June 2011
President's Desk: Variety of clinical practice of Lifestyle Medicine evidenced by our Advisors.
Practice Spotlight: John Principe, MD, WellBeingMD™

May 2011
President's Desk: ACLM is rapidly becoming an international organization.
Program Spotlight: Stuart Seale, MD, Piloting a new Lifestyle Medicine Program

April 2011
President's Desk: A Lifestyle Medicine Toolbox.
Program Spotlight: Doctor of Behavioral Health Program at Arizona State University

March 2011
President's Desk: New Task Forces, ACLM an academy of ACPM
News from the Lifestyle Medicine conference in San Antonio

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