Donald Anderson Pegg Student Leadership Award

This memorial award will serve to:

  • Demonstrate Lifestyle Medicine’s value to students, as well as to seasoned practitioners
  • Inspire the next generation of Lifestyle Medicine leaders by seeding novel lifestyle medicine project
  • Spreading the word about Lifestyle Medicine
Applications are accepted for the Donald Anderson Pegg Award--through May 31, 2020

FAQ - Donald A. Pegg Student Leadership Award

What is the Donald A. Pegg Student Leadership Award?

The award is in honor of Donald A. Pegg, a New York City business man who suffered a heart attack and a stroke in 1986 when he was 52. In response to this health set back, he went on a mission and searched for ways to prevent it from happening again. He participated in residential intensive lifestyle change programs, added fruits, vegetables, more whole grains, and healthy protein to his diet as well as started riding a stationary bike religiously five days a week.

With this regimen and his medical care, Donald was able to live the best years of his life after his heart attack and stroke, enjoying 27 additional years with family and friends. Donald served as an inspiration to many, especially his daughter, Elizabeth Pegg Frates, who has spent the past 30 years researching, studying, teaching, and practicing Lifestyle Medicine.

Beth and her family have donated a yearly grant of $5000 to the American College of Lifestyle Medicine in honor of Donald to help the college further the cause of Lifestyle Medicine through work with young aspiring health care students.

Why was the Award established?

Donald and his family believe in the power of Lifestyle Medicine to transform lives and help individuals be healthier and more productive. The award was established to encourage leadership in Lifestyle Medicine at the student level for the advancement of this important field of health care. The goal of the award will be to establish Lifestyle Medicine Interest Groups (LMIG) at medical schools and other health care professional training programs in the country and abroad.

What is the history of the Lifestyle Medicine Interest Groups (LMIG)?

The LMIG originated at Harvard Medical School as a parallel curriculum for medical students. It also provides an opportunity for students to meet fellow students with similar interests. In addition, students can meet faculty who are actively involved with Lifestyle Medicine practice, education and research. The LMIG students gather together several times a year to hear lectures by faculty and practitioners with a passion for LM and a passion for teaching.

Who are the recipients for this award?

This award will be given to student leaders who commit to advancing this important field initially through the establishment of a Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group (LMIG) at their respective educational institution, and later through continued involvement and work in the field. If a Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group (LMIG) already exists at the college or institution, the recipient will accept a leadership role to improve the existing LMIG. We encourage medical students, nursing students, graduate students, physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychology students, and other health care professionals in training to apply. NOTE: Residents and fellows are ineligible for this particular award. International students are eligible to apply.  

What does the award consist of?

The total value of the award is valued at more than $1500 to each of four Donald A. Pegg Student Leadership Award winners. The award consists $550 to cover the cost of registration for Lifestyle Medicine 2020 and recognition at the awards ceremony, $500 earmarked to offset travel-related conference expenses, with the $500 balance used as seed funding to establish or enhance a campus-based Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group.

While attending the conference, November 1-4, 2020, award winners will have the opportunity to meet with ACLM leadership, with other winners, with the larger ACLM membership and with other conference attendees. Pegg Award winners will be formally recognized during the ACLM Annual Awards.

How many award winners are selected each year? 

Four winners are selected each year from the applicant pool.  Click here to see the names of the previous award recipients.

How are the recipients selected?

Step 1: A call for proposals is put out and students from all U.S. based healthcare colleges and universities are encouraged to apply online. Click here  for the Donald A. Pegg Student Leadership Award application form. NOTE: Applicants are expected to be available to attend the ACLM annual conference , which, this year, is set for November 1-4, 2020 in Carlsbad, CA, at the Omni La Costa Resort & Spa. Of the over $1500 received by each Donald A. Pegg Student Leadership Award recipient, as stated above, $550 covers the cost of their conference registration, $500 is to be used to offset travel-related conference costs, with the $500 balance used as seed funding to establish or enhance a campus-based Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group.

Step 2: Applicants submit a short single spaced one-page personal statement about their interest in Lifestyle Medicine and how the monetary award will help them further their goals at their institution. The application will need to include:

  • A response to the question: what is motivating you to start a LMIG in your school and what do you hope to accomplish in the first year?
  • An updated CV
  • Information on the faculty advisor for the group, including a short signed one page letter on letterhead stationary from him/ her explaining their interest in Lifestyle Medicine and support for the student and his/her initiative.
  • List of four faculty, clinicians, or Lifestyle Medicine practitioners that have committed to give a talk to the LMIG over the course of the first year. This should include the credentials of the speakers and the topic each one will be speaking on.
  • A commitment to join and advertise four webinars with ACLM selected speakers during the course of a year. These will be webinars presented on any Lifestyle Medicine topic such as exercise, nutrition, behavior change and more, with the first one being an introduction to Lifestyle Medicine.

Step 3: The Awards Committee of ACLM then conducts a review of all complete applications, evaluating each on the strength of the overall proposal. Each application is graded by each committee member on a number of factors using a point system that looks at the following criteria in particular:

  • personal and professional commitment to Lifestyle Medicine
  • vision for the Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group
  • commitment of the faculty advisor
  • previous experience in Lifestyle Medicine and relevant activities
  • previous leadership roles and community involvement
  • speaker list and quality of the topics selected
  • marketing plan to advertise and recruit members to the group

Step 4: The total points for each application are calculated and applications are ranked from highest to lowest, and after deliberations by the committee the top four winners are selected.

What is the application deadline for the award?  Click here for the online application form.

May 31, 2020, 11:59 pm PST. Extension of the deadline is not available, so please make sure to submit your entire application on or before the deadline.

When are awardees notified?

On or or before July 31, 2020

If an applicant doesn’t win, can he/she reapply?

Yes, applicants who were not awarded in a particular year are able to reapply as long as they continue to be students. Each winning application is selected from the pool of applicants in a particular year so we encourage you to reapply. NOTE: Four runners up each year are considered for a registration grant (when available), which covers the cost of the conference registration for the annual ACLM conference.