PracticePartners: A special benefit for our members

PracticePartners is a special set of ACLM identified and negotiated products and services to help our members be successful in providing high-quality Lifestyle Medicine services.

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The Fox Group

How It Works:

1. ACLM finds the services and products that we believe are of the highest quality and greatest benefit to our members.

2. ACLM negotiates:
  A. Price discounts for members, and/or
  B. Value-added Lifestyle Medicine components to standard services or products (service provider provides Lifestyle Medicine specific components without additional cost).

3. High quality usefulness maintained.  ACLM monitors the usefulness, quality, and value to our members.  We will increase services or discounts, change them with the provider, or terminate provider services based on real-world ratings from our members.

4. ACLM often derives some revenue based on the services purchased.  This enables ACLM, as a non-profit member-benefit professional association, to keep our member fees some of the lowest amongst professional associations while continuing to provide more and better services to Lifestyle Medicine professionals.  Any ACLM revenues are typically equal to or less than the direct discount or value negotiated for our members.

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