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01 Nov 2015 (PDT) • Nashville, TN
03 Nov 2015 7:00 PM (EST) • Renaissance Nashville Hotel

Let's Not Eat Our Children's Food!

The U.S. Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee for 2015 issued what I consider to be a truly stellar, 572-page report. As I write this, the period for public comment has closed- after nearly 30,000 comments were logged. We now wait to see how the diaphanous determinations of public health science survive the rough and tumble of political horse-trading.

In a departure from all prior reports issued by Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committees in the U.S., the committee for 2015 decided to address the sustainability of our diets. Because this is a new topic, there is some feeble basis to say maybe it doesn’t belong here.  But feeble it is; of course it belongs here.  

The reason to address sustainability now, and not before now, is because now we know it is in peril. An analogy may make the case, if it is not immediately self-evident.  

We may, heretofore, have been bemused to think of the earth as a titanic cruise ship, offering an endless buffet- with food and drink selected and consumed accordingly. Transition to crowded lifeboats, however, and the same passengers are indisputably obligated to look at water and food supplies quite differently. There can be no attention to nutrition that ignores the relevant supply. Consider how absurd it would be for, say, a preventive medicine specialist in such a lifeboat to insist that he get the optimal nutrition to which he is accustomed, and rationing be damned!

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