I am happy to announce that ACLM, in cooperation with The Fox Group, LLC, Consultants to the Healthcare Industry, is offering to current members a significant discount for most services offered by The Fox Group, LLC.  Their expertise includes several important and often requested areas of assistance.  Dr. Gunter Fuchs, Founder and Senior Partner at The Fox Group, has been personally responsible for a number of “lifestyle medicine, wellness and health promotion programs”, domestic and international.


Often requested Lifestyle Medicine service modules available:
1. Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Service Program Development
2. Wellness Visit Service, Marketing and Compensation
3. Weight Management Program Development, Content, Logistics, Financial Feasibility
4. Depression and Mental Health Services
5. Cancer, Diabetes, and other Chronic Disease Support Services, design, logistics, feasibility, and compensation


Other often requested services include:
1.      HIPAA Risk Assessment: this includes an assessment of compliance with the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules 
2.      Medical Records/Billing/Coding Audits & Risk-Based-Coding Training: to ensure that the practice will be in full compliance with billing and coding guidelines, and that the provider gets compensated at “best practices benchmarks”
3.      EHR & Meaningful Use: selection and implementation of an EHR system, coordinating the “due diligence” process to select a system scaled to the practice 
4.      Cash flow, operational evaluations: ROI expected 8:1
5.      Website and online presence services: a dynamic Web 2.0 design, including social media, search engine optimization (SEO) and content creation.  A must for the Lifestyle Medicine Services to be found by Google. For that, The Fox group has created a special service organization called Symplur.  Check it out! 


When you contact them, please identify yourself as an ACLM member and benefit from their fixed budget approach.  The ACLM has negotiated two Options:
Option # 1:     A "membership" approach:  for a fixed monthly retainer of $1,200 (this represents a 50% discount), The Fox Group will provide on phone/on-line consulting advice, no implementation - for up to 10 hours, per month. 
Option # 2:    Specific custom services:  a fixed budget quote will be provided, discounted by 5%, and may include implementation services.  This is based on your request.  See their website for examples of consulting services available.


I am happy to have negotiated this special arrangement for you with The Fox Group, LLC.  Please avail yourself of their experience and foresight to help grow and protect you and your organization.  Dr. Gunter Fuchs agreed to be available – at no charge to you, by e-mail or phone, to answer questions, explain these discounted consulting services, and generally help determine if this maybe a benefit to you. 
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