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ACLM's Lifestyle Medicine 2012: Treating the Cause - Clinical Conference and Practice Management Workshop and the 2011: Realizing the Dream - Practice Management Workshop are now available as Online CME. Click on the above links for more information. ACLM members receive a $300 discount.

2011 Lifestyle Medicine Conference presentations can be accessed through ACPM's website. Not all the presentations listed are Lifestyle Medicine related. For a list of the presentations that were part of the Lifestyle Medicine track, please visit this page.

Please visit the page "2006 Symposium Audio" for audio links to presentations from the Lifestyle Medicine Symposium held in Ontario, California.

The American College of Lifestyle Medicine provides the following resource links and downloadable resources as a service to clinicians.

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Lifestyle Medicine Education Opportunities


Masters in Public Health in Lifestyle Medicine


In the Lifestyle Medicine program, health professionals with relevant clinical licenses are empowered to provide lifestyle change interventions and promote healthy behaviors for patients with chronic diseases or patients at risk of chronic diseases while understanding the population determinants of wellness, health, and disease. The curriculum emphasizes interventions based on scientific data and established behavioral and learning theories that promote individual and public health through the processes of education, health behavior change, and health promotion. It is emphasized that health professionals who are not physicians are not enabled to practice medicine when awarded this degree.
Loma Linda

DrPH in
Preventive Care

  The program seeks to demonstrate and elucidate the intimate connection between mind and body. Graduates address the combined influences of nutrition, exercise, stress, substance abuse, and other lifestyle factors on the promotion of health and the prevention of disease. This program is offered by the Department of Health Promotion and Education.   Loma Linda University
Online Harvard CME Courses
Course descriptions

The Harvard Continuing Medical Education (CME) online courses are university-based, online educational program enabling physicians worldwide to obtain CME credits to learn the fundamentals of lifestyle medicine.

Harvard Medical School Department of Continuing Education and the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.
Boston, Massachusetts

Online Nutrition CME

PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) and George Washington University offer several online CME courses for physicians, physician assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, dieticians, and others. 

Sponsored by  The George Washington University and PCRM

Doctorate in Behavioral Health
Spotlight Article on this program
  A doctoral program to train behavioral clinicians to practice in primary care and medical settings.
Arizona State University

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