ACLM Ongoing Committees

ACLM welcomes its members to participate in the growth and development of our organization, and in the broader purpose of promoting Lifestyle Medicine.

There are five active ongoing committees, as well as special task forces appointed to explore additional goals.

To request more information about, or to become involved with any of these groups, please email:

Education Committee

This committee is responsible for developing a plan for online CME offerings, and seeks to connect with relevant conference and education opportunities offered by other organizations.

Fundraising and Development Committee

This committee seeks to develop projects designed to promote Lifestyle Medicine, connect with sponsors for special initiatives and develop relationships with like-minded organizations.

Membership and By-Laws Committee

This committee seeks to improve membership benefits and recruit new members.. It is also responsible for management of updates to the ACLM by-laws.

Publications and Communications Committee

This committee chairperson holds a position on the editorial board of Sage Publication's American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine. The committee also monitors the ACLM website, and plans for the future development of ACLM publications.

Podcasts Committee

This committee is responsible for developing concepts and ideas for podcasts put out by ACLM. They will also aid in the editing and distribution of the materials developed.

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