Current ACLM members may apply for Fellows membership. To apply, please:

1) Read the description of Fellows Requirements on this page,

2) Download the print form to use as an application or as a worksheet (for later use with our online form).
Click Here: Application for Fellows Membership in American College of Lifestyle Medicine.doc

3) Apply online only after you have completed the worksheet, (Click here for directions) or use the paper application form and send all necessary documents and application payment by mail.

Requirements to be designated as a


Qualifications for Fellows: 

1.    Applicants shall have been members of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine for at least three years and have contributed to the specialty as outlined following.  In addition, Applicants must have one of the following qualifications:
  • Diplomate of the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine (not a current requirement- as of  December, 2009).
  • MD or DO engaged in practice, teaching or research in some relevant aspect of lifestyle medicine, and certified in some other specialty of medicine recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties or the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.
  • Doctorate-level professional (PhD, DDS, ND, etc.) engaged in practice, teaching or research in some relevant aspect of lifestyle medicine, and are appropriately certified and/or licensed relative to their training, practice, and locale.

2.    After due consideration, the Board of Directors may waive a requirement.

Qualifications of Honorary Fellows: 

The Board of Directors may grant Honorary Fellowship to such qualified scientists or physicians who have made universally recognized outstanding contributions in lifestyle medicine or to the College.  Honorary Fellows shall not pay dues, hold office, or have the power to vote.

All Fellows and Fellows Emeritus shall be entitled to use the letters FACLM after their names.

Prior to application for ACLM Fellow status, the ACLM member must:

1.    Have three consecutive years of membership, in good standing, as a physician or professional member.

2.    Submit sponsorship letters, from two current ACLM Fellows, establishing the qualities of applicant and worthiness of consideration for ACLM Fellow status. Past and present ACLM Directors and/or Advisors may also serve as sponsors.

3.    Demonstrate a high standard of professional development and contribution to the field of lifestyle medicine.

4.    Substantiate a significant contribution to ACLM’s organizational functions, including participation in conferences, committees, press contact, liaison with other societies/colleges, ACLM publication contributions and/orparticipation in other official ACLM functions.

Applicants must also submit an updated curriculum vitae that includes documentation consistent with the above requirements.

Each application requires a non-refundable $100 processing fee.

Payments may be made online in the online application, through our donation page, or may be sent by mail.

All required forms and paper work must be complete prior to submission for board approval.

“ACLM Fellow” membership certificates will be mailed to qualified and approved applicants.
Please allow two months for processing.
For additional information regarding ACLM’s membership and fellowship programs,
and to learn of ways to become active with ACLM, please visit

ACLM gives credit to the many professional societies studied in preparing the ACLM Fellow criteria. In particular we thank the American College of Preventive Medicine, as its own Fellow criteria provided valuable guidance to this process.


Members applying for Fellowship status must submit a Professional Leadership Points form. In addition to submission of a curriculum vitae, the applicant must also provide documentation supporting each set of points claimed.

  • A minimum of 150 total points across both categories must be reached in order to apply for Fellowship.  Both categories have a minimum number of points that must be fully documented at the time of application for Fellowship status. Both categories also have a maximum number of points that may be claimed thus promoting broad based leadership qualities in the field of lifestyle medicine.
  • As is typical with other professional societies, the previous ten years may be included in the accumulation of points.
  • All documentation supporting the Professional Leadership Points form must be labeled with the corresponding letter and number of the form. (E.g.: A1 – Full ACLM Membership Status for 4 years from 2006 to 2009 – 20 points; A10: Wrote article, “Ten Lifestyle Medicine Tips for the Depressed Patient” -  ACLM monthly e-publication August 2009 – 15 points; B8: Presented “Lifestyle Medicine for the Diabetic” at American College Sports Medicine 2008 Conference – 8 points.)
  • Supporting documentation for each element claimed on the Professional Leadership Points form must show the dates involved for each activity or credential. This information will be verified by ACLM records.
  • Professional Leadership Points claimed in each subsection of category “B” must include a concise description that documents the activity in 300 words or less.
  • Participation in conferences or activities not associated with ACLM require documentation of attendance for each event. This may include copy of CME certificate, receipt of payment, etc.
  • Copies of cited publications are NOT required unless specifically requested by the ACLM Board. Citations associated with any form of publication may simply be listed with full reference.
  • Presentations of any kind at conferences may be simply documented with a copy of the program properly highlighted for ease of review.

Maximum points: 150
Minimum points: 75

1.     Full ACLM membership status (5 points for each year of membership).

2.     ACLM Founding member (10 points).

3.     Attend annual meeting sponsored or co-sponsored by ACLM within three years of application (5 points per meeting).

4.     Attend regional meeting sponsored or co-sponsored by ACLM within three years of application (5 points per meeting).

5.     Serve on an ACLM committee, task force or ad hoc committee (15 points per committee).

6.     Serve as a chair of an ACLM Committee, task force, or ad hoc committee (20 points per chairmanship).

7.     Develop lifestyle medicine CME material on behalf of the College (20 points per program).

8.     Act as an appointed liaison or representative for the ACLM to national committees, advisory panels, coalitions, and organizations (10 points per appointment).

9.     Represent ACLM to media on coverage of lifestyle medicine-related issues or events (5 points per interview).

10.    Write an article or column for ACLM-sponsored publication, e.g., the monthly e-publication  (15 points each).

11.    Attend any live ACLM event (e.g., educational webcast) (5 points each).

12.    Serve as content expert or faculty/abstract reviewer at an ACLM function/meeting (10 points per activity).

13.    Present or serve as faculty at an ACLM educational event or serve as an oral/poster presenter at the
        ACLM annual meeting (15 points each).

14.    Other – if you have served the College in another manner please provide a description.
         (Points will be determined by the Committee).

Maximum points: 100
Minimum points: 45

1.    Direct or coordinate a Lifestyle Medicine Clinic in a medical or wellness center setting (25 points).

2.    Develop and/or lead a new lifestyle medicine program that has been implemented in the clinical or community setting (15 points counted only once for each new program developed). This new lifestyle management program can be any disease state management program designed primarily from a lifestyle medicine intervention approach. Examples: diabetes management clinic, depression recovery, and cardiac rehabilitation. This may include structured medical visits done in a group setting or a community lifestyle medicine seminar series.

3.    Publication of a lifestyle medicine related book (author 20 points, co-author 10 points).

4.    Produce and or host of a lifestyle medicine related radio or TV program (15 points per series and/or year).

5.    Publish lifestyle medicine related article in a peer review journal (15 points).

6.    Serve on local or state board of health involved with Lifestyle Medicine issues. (15 points).

7.    Teach lifestyle medicine and/or serve as a clinical/adjunct professor in an accredited program relating to lifestyle medicine (10 points).

8.    Make a television appearance related to lifestyle medicine topic (10 points each).

9.    Publish article or interview with a national magazine or large market newspaper on a lifestyle medicine topic (10 points each).

10.    Publish article or interview with a local newspaper, newsletter, or other publication on a lifestyle medicine topic (5 points each).

11.    Present a lifestyle medicine topic (speaking or poster presentation) at scientific conferences other than ACLM sponsored programs (8 points each).

12.    Participate in community oriented prevention/lifestyle medicine programs (5 points each).

13.    Evaluate existing lifestyle medicine programs (5 points each).

14.    Serve as a consultant to physicians and/or other health care providers on lifestyle medicine (5 points).

15.    Present lifestyle medicine related topics at grand rounds (5 points).

16.    Other – if you have served the field of lifestyle medicine in another capacity please provide a description. (Points will be determined by the Committee.)

To Apply Online:

  1. Download the paper application FIRST. Use this as a worksheet to make sure you have all the information needed before proceeding with the online application. You may submit your Fellows application in paper form by mail, or:
  2. Take this link to change your membership level to Fellows.
  3. Follow the links to the application section.
  4. Complete your application by making the payment for membership and application. We can calculate a pro-rated refund on membership dues based on the date of your current renewal after your payment has been processed.
  5. Send your CV and the required letters of recommendation to as an email attachment, or by mail to:
PO Box 6432
Chesterfield, MO 63006

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