ACLM members share clinical and personal Lifestyle Medicine efficacy.

Michelle McMacken, MD

I can honestly say that lifestyle medicine has reignited my passion for being a physician.  I’ve gotten to know my patients – some of whom have been seeing me for a decade -- in ways that I never did before.  And watching my patients make changes in their lifestyle habits, whether small improvements or big ones, has filled me with optimism and pride.  It is humbling how much our patients can change when we give them the support and framework to do so.

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David Jones, PhD, LPC

Three years ago, my good friend and cardiologist, Dr. Rick Guynes, asked me if I would look at the film Forks Over Knives.  Finally, the missing piece fell into place.  Since that time, I have not eaten any flesh and have removed my need for any medication.  Dr. Guynes and I worked to bring the Dean Ornish Reversing Heart Disease Program to Jackson, MS and are working actively with the program at this time.  It is an absolute delight to now be able to bring whole food plant based nutrition, exercise, stress management and group support to people suffering just like I had.

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The great scholar Patch Adams had it right when he said “You treat a disease, you win, and you lose.  You treat a person, and I guarantee you’ll win, no matter what the outcome.” Adams’ quote epitomizes Lifestyle Medicine.  We are all here on the same mission.  Let us not forget our journey and the story our patients teach us daily.  It is because of these experiences and the very important lesson my mother and wife taught me that I have dedicated my life to the field of Lifestyle Medicine.

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