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Top Reasons to Join ACLM's Trainees

  1. Opportunity to network with other Trainee members and faculty mentors from ACLM
  2.  Leadership opportunities within ACLM (e.g. Young Director position, Member Interest Groups) and ACLM Trainees (e.g. Executive Board positions)
  3.  Access to Trainee specific monthly newsletter 
  4.  Access to free Lifestyle Medicine content (e.g., ACLM Newsletter, members-only online resources, archived webinars, Lifestyle Medicine Journal)
  5. Social Media exposure opportunities and online resource creation including articles, PPTs, videos etc.
  6. Camaraderie and knowledge sharing among other passionate Trainees
  7. Scholarship opportunities (e.g., Grant to attend the ACLM National Conference, Donald Pegg Award) 
  8. Eligibility to apply for Taste of Lifestyle Medicine Microgrants (up to $1,000/year) for Lifestyle Medicine related gatherings

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Prospective Students

Join today!

Whether you are a medical, dietetic, nursing, pharmacy or other healthcare student, chances are you’ve gone into the field to improve the health of those around you. What better way to do that than by joining the emerging field of Lifestyle Medicine? Whether it's providing the support to start a Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group   (LMIG) at your health profession school, connecting you with educational opportunities, applying for a position on our Trainee leadership team or introducing you to a mentor for a research project, our Lifestyle Medicine Trainees are here to help. For more information about ACLM Trainees, email


Funding Opportunities

Donald Anderson Pegg Student Leadership Award
This award is in honor of Donald A. Pegg, a New York City business man who suffered a heart attack and a stroke in 1986 when he was 52. In response to this health set back, he went on a mission and searched for ways to prevent it from happening again. He participated in residential intensive lifestyle change programs, added fruits, vegetables, more whole grains, and healthy protein to his diet as well as started riding a stationary bike religiously five days a week.

With this regimen and his medical care, Donald was able to live the best years of his life after his heart attack and stroke, enjoying 27 additional years with family and friends. Donald served as an inspiration to many, especially his daughter, Elizabeth Pegg Frates, who has spent the past 30 years researching, studying, teaching, and practicing Lifestyle Medicine.

Beth and her family have donated a yearly grant of $5000 to the American College of Lifestyle Medicine in honor of Donald to help the college further the cause of Lifestyle Medicine through work with young aspiring health care students.

Pegg Award

Taste of Lifestyle Medicine Micro-grants
ACLM is excited to offer all students and faculty members on health profession campuses an opportunity to serve plant based foods at Lifestyle Medicine educational events, study sessions, documentary viewings, and campus gatherings through our Taste of Lifestyle Medicine micro-grants. These $50-250 grants are easy to apply for and can be awarded up to four times per year or up to $1000 of plant based food. So get creative, plan your next series of culinary events and let us pick up the tab! 

Grant Application

 Get cooking inspiration by downloading our brand new and complimentary Culinary Medicine Curriculum based on the foundational work of  Michelle Hauser, MD, MS, MPA, FACLM, Chef.