What is it?

The Lifestyle Medicine Provider Network is a national network that will benefit certified Lifestyle Medicine providers and coaches through enhancing the delivery of value-based Lifestyle Medicine. This network will establish and follow best practices that are designed to enhance delivery and financial viability of independent Lifestyle Medicine practices. To enhance opportunities for LM practices and fulfill our mission, ACLM will help connect LMPN members to payers and employers who are interested in establishing contracts in their areas/regions. The Lifestyle Medicine Provider Network will launch in two phases; phase 1 network development and standardization and phase 2 network deployment. Read more about the LMPN in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine.

Who is eligible to join? 

All active ACLM members are eligible to participate in phase 1 of network development and standardization. In phase 2 network deployment only ABLM / ACLM certified professionals and certified LM coaches are eligible for network opportunities and contracts.

What are the requirements of being an official LMPN member in phase 2 of network deployment?

  • Achieve and maintain certification in Lifestyle Medicine or maintain status as a LM Coach
  • Participate in monthly meetings where best practices will be established and education, resources, tools, and knowledge will be shared
  • Answer surveys and submit case studies on behalf of your practice*
  • Attend training as determined by the LMPN Taskforce*
    *amount and type of surveys, case studies and training will be determined by the LMPN Taskforce based on network needs

Is there a cost?

  • No additional financial investment is required to participate in phase 1 of the LMPN development and standardization 
  • In phase 2 deployment of the network, a nominal administrative fee will be collected by ACLM for administrative time 

How do I join?

Simply fill out this LMPN intake form  to be added to the phase 1 LMPN participants roster and be invited to monthly meetings.  

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