Lifestyle Medicine Course Syllabus

The American College of Lifestyle Medicine is pleased to offer the opportunity to medical schools and healthcare-related academic institutions to download this syllabus, based on the foundational work of ACLM Board Member, Beth P. Frates, MD, who created a lifestyle medicine course at the Harvard Extension School in 2014, available to undergraduate, master, and other professional students interested in health and wellness. This course has consistently been one of the most popular courses at the Harvard Extension School and has been attended by physicians, lawyers, engineers, nurses, wellness coordinators, social workers, business owners, religious leaders, stay at home moms, and retirees. The success of the course and increasing demand for the information inspired Dr. Frates to partner with the American College of Lifestyle Medicine to craft a syllabus that could be widely distributed and used in many different health care institutions, organizations, and schools. 

This curriculum represents the work of an entire team whose goal is to supply a foundation for a lifestyle medicine course on which instructors and professors can build and personalize for their individual needs. It is adaptable to a variety of educational environments, including undergraduate studies, master level courses, medical school, residency, nursing school, physical therapy programs, occupational therapy programs, nutrition education courses, health and wellness coaching, or in the exercise and fitness space. We hope that you find the material useful and would appreciate feedback on ways in which the syllabus can be improved, as we see it as ever-evolving!

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