ACLM recognizes the personal and professional strains you may be experiencing given the COVID-19 pandemic. Our intention is to provide you with practical, useful information, please note the fluidity of the situation may make some information quickly outdated. 

New Patient Resource

This single page handout offers information on how the 6 domains of Lifestyle Medicine help boost the immune system.





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Family First Summary : this 10 page document offers information on the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, which guarantees coronavirus testing, employee leave, unemployment insurance, the expansion of food security initiatives and Medicaid funding.  

HR-621: this single page summary of HR - 6201, which includes COVID testing, cost sharing and Medicaid expansion. 

Telehealth Waiver by CMS: this 3 page document offers a summary from Alston and Bird LLP on the recent waivers for telehealth

Physical Activity Alliance Resource List: this list is a compilation of free resources that make physical activity possible for people of all ages while at home. 

CARES Act – Health Provisions (enacted March 27, 2020): summary from Alston and Bird LLP

FACT SHEET: Expansion of the accelerated and advance payments program for Providers and Suppliers during Covid-19 Emergency.
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