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Clinicians who practice Lifestyle Medicine report that lifestyle changes achieve substantial benefits for individuals diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, including the normalization of blood glucose without the use of medication. As a key component of an upcoming campaign to build awareness for the power of Lifestyle Medicine in treating and sometimes reversing type 2 diabetes, ACLM’s Type 2 Diabetes Remission Task Force is soliciting case reports for a series collection on this outcome and to explore commonalities across practitioners. This research study has been approved by the University of New England's IRB.

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Inclusion Criteria
Cases will be included if they meet the following criteria:
  - Previously diagnosed type 2 diabetes, with diagnostic criteria of:
  - HbA1c >6.5%
  - FSG >126mg/dL and above on more than one occasion

Reversal of type 2 diabetes through lifestyle modification, defined by:
  - Have achieved HbA1c <6.1% after being off anti-diabetes medications for ≥3 months
  - Have achieved FSG of <110mg/dL after being off anti-diabetes medications for ≥3 months

  - Practitioner must complete the Practitioner Informed Consent Form
  - Patient must sign the Patient Informed Consent Form and Practitioner must maintain a copy in their files
What data is collected? You can review the data requested in the Patient Data Collection Form .

For questions on this case series, please contact ACLM Research Director Dr. Micaela Karlsen at

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Thank you for helping us build this critical evidence base!