Greetings from the ACLM-Professionals in Training Executive Board!  Please join the ACLM-Professionals in Training (ACLM-PiT) to learn how you can get involved. Check out our Facebook page  for more information! E-mail if you have questions.

Top 10 Reasons to Join ACLM's Professionals in Training (PiT)

  1. The opportunity to be a leader in Lifestyle Medicine at the forefront of the changing paradigm of effective disease management
  2.  Leadership opportunities within ACLM (young physician director on the board) and subcommittees (Communication, Development, and Education)
  3. Publication and Social Media opportunities including the ACLM Newsletter, online resources for ACLM members (e.g. articles, PPTs, videos)
  4. Scholarship opportunities to attend the ACLM National Conference ($5,000 worth of Leadership Grants available.
  5. Mentor-mentee networking at the conference as well as via group connections
  6. Q&A sessions and access to the Lifestyle Medicine "visionaries"
  7. Camaraderie and knowledge sharing among other passionate trainees
  8. To learn from other professionals about how to cultivate a successful career in Lifestyle Medicine
  9. Expanding your scope within the fields of Preventive Medicine, Functional Medicine, and Integrative Medicine all in relation to Lifestyle Medicine
  10. To bring Lifestyle Medicine back to your home community, improving the quality of life for the people that you care for


Join today ACLM as a Student/Trainee, becoming a member of Professionals in Training. Click here to read about ACLM’s valuable member benefits.