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The Future of True “Health” Care is Today’s Medical Students Embracing Lifestyle Medicine 

Want to bring Lifestyle Medicine (LM) to your school?  We are here to help!  Whether you are an interested student, resident, or faculty member, we want to provide you with all of the resources and support you need to create a Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group (LMIG). 

Active Lifestyle Medicine Interest Groups

Please address all inquiries unrelated to lifestyle medicine interest groups to

1) Harvard University | Rebecca Hammond (President): | Faculty Advisor: Beth Frates:   

2) Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine (OUCOM) | Melanie Worley (President): | Ale Speakman (VP): | Faculty Advisor: Dr. David Drozek

3) Rutgers New Jersey School of Medicine | Co-Directors- Saul Bautista: and Uma Raman: | Faculty Advisor: Saray Stancic:

4) Loma Linda University | Co-Presidents - Faith Calaminos: and Niiang Mung: | Vice President - William Angkadjaja: | Faculty Advisor: Dr Kevin Shannon and Dr Brenda Rea   

5) Rosalin Franklin University | Sam Bonge (President): | Justin Foley (VP): | Faculty advisor: Ziemowit Mazur:

6) University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) | Co-President: David Pichardo-Gomez: and Steven Herron: | Faculty Advisor:Tracy Fulton (PhD) Email:

7) Oakland University William Beaumont SOM | Kuntal Chowdhary (President): | Carla Villarreal: (VP) | Faculty Advisors: Victoria Lucia, Ph.D. and Jaime Hope, M.D

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Newest Groups!! 

Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine

Duke University

University of Utah

Together we can transform medical school curriculum!! 

Medical students are uniquely positioned to influence medical school curriculum in being the primary beneficiaries of the curriculum.  If you are interested in working to bring lifestyle medicine into your medical school’s curriculum or other health professional school curriculum, please contact us at

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LMIG 101-How To Start an ACLM Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group | 7 Steps to Start a LMIG


Similar to every other medical specialty (family medicine, surgery, dermatology, etc.), we envision Lifestyle Medicine to occupy a similar role. We already know enough to prevent ~80% of chronic diseases and this knowledge needs to be shared! LMIGs are the perfect avenue to bring like-minded, passionate trainees together to share ideas, collaborate on projects, and learn more about how to "prescribe" Lifestyle Medicine. The Physicians in Training (PiT) team wants to make this process as seamless as possible. We want to help connect LMIGs together and enable trainees in the fields of medicine, representing a Lifestyle Medicine team approach, to share LM with one another. 


To advance the mission and message of the ACLM to all trainees, by enabling Lifestyle Medicine Interest Groups to be established on every medical school and health-related services campus across the country.

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