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Professionals in Training Committed to Treating the Cause

In the true spirit of the Hippocratic Oath, American College of Lifestyle Medicine's Professionals in Training (PiT) members recognize the vital need to identify and eradicate the cause of disease, as opposed to simply prescribing pills and procedures. PiT members are committed to their 'first, do no harm' oath as they immerse themselves in specialized lifestyle medicine training, so they are equipped to be on the forefront of an emerging value and outcome-based system of healthcare delivery. As young trainees, we hope to develop the skills and knowledge to effectively prevent, treat, and reverse chronic disease using evidence based practices.

Lifestyle Medicine Interest Groups on Campuses Across the Nation

Advancing the mission and message of Lifestyle Medicine by establishing Lifestyle Medicine Interest Groups (LMIG) on each and every medical school campus is a goal of ACLM PiT members. Whether you want to find an existing LMIG or start your own, we are here to help! Click here  to learn more. 

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