ACLM welcomes its members to participate in the growth and development of our organization, and in the broader purpose of promoting Lifestyle Medicine.

As Margaret Mead said, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

Those committed to advancing the cause of Lifestyle Medicine can help change the world via their service on one or more of the following committees. To request more information, please send an email stating your area of interest to Your ideas and suggestions are welcomed!

Below is a partial list of active groups within ACLM. Click here for a more extensive, updated listing of committees, task forces and working groups.

ACLM Committees

Lifestyle Medicine Education & Resources Committee 
This committee works on developing the lifestyle CME offerings, and seeks to connect with relevant conference and education opportunities offered by other organizations.

Sponsorships & Fundraising Committee 
This committee works on developing projects designed to promote Lifestyle Medicine, seek and connect with sponsors for special initiatives, and aid in developing fundraising strategy and execution.

Strategic Partnerships Committee

This committee works to develop relationships with like-minded organizations, with the intention of partnering in organization endeavors, as well as conferences or events.

Membership Development Committee
This committee seeks to improve membership benefits and recruit new members. It is also responsible for management of updates to the ACLM by-laws.

Marketing/Social Media Committee
This committee provides oversight and development expertise for our e-newsletter, as well as to the promotion of ACLM's activities for both professional and general audiences.

Food Committee 
This committee works in collaboration with the meeting planners and the conference venue to design and create a lifestyle medicine inspired menu for the annual meeting.

Speaker Committee 
This committee is in charge of researching, recommendation and reaching out to speakers whose believes and views align with those of ACLM; they also act as point of contacts for the Planning Committee while securing speakers.

Sponsorship Committee
This committee works on recruiting and procuring sponsors and exhibitors for the annual conference; they work in collaboration with the meeting planners.

Research Committee
This committee works with the Planning Committee on setting up the standards and guidelines of the research abstracts to be showcased at the annual conference. They also serve as the review team for the research poster submissions.

Professionals in Training (PiT) Committee

This committee work with Elizabeth Frates, MD, the ACLM Board liaison, in forging the group of young professionals, encouraging the further development of lifestyle medicine in a student setting.